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My Rescue Story 

Meet April!

Shih Tzu- April (Female)

Owners: Jose and Liz Huertas


April came as a surprise to her loving family. In light of a tragedy in which a bond between owner and pet had ended, another bond was created. The day after one of the most important holidays in Puerto Rico, Liz got a call from her grandmother telling her she had found a little Shih Tzu just like the one Liz used to have. Liz and her husband Jose rushed over to see the dog themselves and the moment Liz entered her grandmother's house April went right up to Lizs’ feet begging to be held. It was meant to be and it has been ever since. 

Meet Rylie!

Lab / Golden Retriever - Rylie (Female)

Owner: Bryan Gomez

Rylie never had a real home. She was moved from shelter to shelter, never staying in one place for too long. Luckily her new family discovered her, learned his story and found it in their hearts to take her in. Now she has a real home where she never needs to worry about being sent away ever again. 


“Our lives changed the moment that Rylie oined our family. She is loving, loyal and loves playing the backyard” Said Bryan, Rylie's owner. 


Meet Lady!

Mix - Lady (Female)

Owner: Veronica and Antonio Kadlubitski

Lady was wondering the streets of Colorado during a huge snow storm. However, she wasn't giving up, and after days hoping to be rescued, Veronica’s brother and his wife found her and took her with them. The next day she was taken to the vet and shortly after she was rehabilitated, she traveled all the way to Connecticut to live with her new family. 

Meet Pumpkin!

Pit - Pumpkin (Female)

Owner: Brittany Bochecchio

IG: pumkin_the_pit

Pumpkin’s life didn’t start off so easy. The NYPD found her in a dumpster when she was just a puppy. Although she was filthy, hungry, and afraid, she fought for her life. However, her life changed when she met her human, Brittany. As soon as Brittany laid eyes on her, she knew Pumpkin belonged with her. At the time, Brittany just lost her dog of 15 years. She was in a very vulnerable place. She always says it was fate that she met Pumpkin and that she didn’t rescue Pumpkin, Pumpkin rescued her.

Meet Sadie Belle!

Australian Kelpie Mix - Sadie Belle (Female)

Owner: Jacklyn Ciccone

IG: saving_sadiebelle

Sadie Belle had a rough start to life. We don’t know how she ended up in a high kill shelter at the age of 5 months but she had DAYS left before she was put down. Luckily I found a nice rescue in NJ who pulled her from there and transported her up to me. I say she rescued me the day I rescued her. It’s so important to check local shelters and rescues. She’s an absolute sweetheart who just loves cuddling. Her breed is Australian kelpie mix. We love her so much. 

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