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Title: - A new online destination for dog owners.

Monday, November 6, 2017 – New York City, New York – Bella & Lola NYC, a new online destination for dog owners serving upscale, fashion-forward consumers with the best and most sophisticated looks is now open for business! focuses on four-legged fashion with many lines and options. From clothing to accessories, the site focuses on offering looks and collections that complements today’s most popular fashion trends.

“Living in a city where inspiration comes from all sources, including what you wear, we realized that the canine industry was in need of a one stop site that would express and showcase our dogs’ personalities and styles through their clothing”, says founder and CEO Francisco Huertas about where inspiration for Bella & Lola NYC clothing comes from. He continues, “Bella & Lola NYC is more than a clothing line for dogs - it’s a lifestyle. With every collection and accessory that we create, we intend to share our experiences and the excitement and energy of New York City. In addition, we want to give every pup around the world the confidence to own every walk as if they were walking down 5th Ave.”

Style and fashion is no longer limited to humans. Your dog deserves the same attention and quality clothing that you demand for yourself. Visit  and spice up your dog’s closet.

Media Contact:

Bella & Lola NYC
Francisco Huertas, Founder  
IG: bellaandlolanyc  

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