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Welcome to Bella & Lola NYC! 


Hello Pack Member, 


I want to be the first to congratulate and welcome you to the pack. I am so happy to have you on board as a part of this great team. This company has been built by the continued enthusiasm, drive and dedication of pack members just like you.


This is the first step in an exciting journey as an independent sales representative. I know that being part of he team at Bella & Lola NYC will be a truly rewarding experience for you. 

Success is for this who have the strength to make their dreams come true. 

- Francisco Huertas, CEO


As a Pack Member, the success of you business depends on YOU. We will always provide you with the tools and resources necessary for your business to be successful. Your consistent investment of time and energy along with your enthusiasm and creation of live sales videos is what will help your business grow.
Let's review the next steps and complete your on-boarding process.  

Our Story

Bella & Lola NYC is a Manhattan based company inspired by my two dogs. Bella, immediately stole my heart upon first meeting her! From the moment I saw her I knew she was the one!  Lola, came into my life a year later though a local  adoption center on the Upper East Side.  Unlike Bella’s whirlwind personality, Lola is calm, and easy going  and I knew she would be a great complement to an already  hectic Manhattan life.
Living in a city where inspiration comes from all sources, including what you wear, I realized that the canine industry was in need of a clothing line that would express and showcase every dogs’ personalities. 
It was then when I decided to create Bella & Lola NYC. A company that shares a love for dogs and embraces each and every dog's personal though a unique offering of NYC fashion and style.
Bella  & Lola NYC is more than just a clothing line for dogs - it’s a lifestyle. With every collection and accessory that we create, we
want to bring our love for dogs together with the fashion and style of New York City. 
At Bella & Lola NYC, we believe in quality, elegance and style. We believe that every dog should enjoy the comfort and luxury of a stylish wardrobe that will be reflective of their personalities and style.
Every dog can have the confidence to won their walk as if they were walking down 5th ave. when they wear Bella & Lola NYC.
At Bella and Lola NYC, we believe in quality, elegance, and style. We believe that every dog should enjoy the comfort and luxury of a stylish wardrobe that will be reflective of their individual unique personality. 

Our Mission and Values

Bella & Lola NYC is a clothing line for dogs inspired by the colors, diversity and hight fashion of New York City. At Bella & Lola NYC, we create and design collections based on providing our customers with a sophisticated, unique and fashion-forward experience that is  reflective of their dog's personality.

The System

1) Please click on the link below to request access to the independent sales representative site.  This will be your home page from now on. Make sure to save it to your favorites!
2) Our Pricing structure is simple! Our products are offered in three (3) pricing groups. Please review the chart below to learn about the prices and earnings per group.  
Your Price 
Your Earnings
*Prices are per item
3) Learn about taxes, sales tips and more by accessing our training site, 
You are all set for now. once granted access to the system, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your Online Store. 
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