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Setting up your Online Store

Congratulations! You are about to complete the last stage of your onboarding process. Now that you are an authorized Pack Member, you will begin setting up your Online Store and Facebook Page, create a budget / inventory, learn about running your Facebook Lives, and so much more. Have fun being creative and don't forget that the success of your business depends on you!
Creating your Facebook Page
  • Create a page under your personal Facebook profile.
  • Select a "catchy" name as your business name. Be creative and stand out!
  • Add the following on your description: "Pack Member for Bella & Lola NYC"
  • Add some of the official pictures from our Marketing page on the Pack Member portal.
Create your budget 
Creating a budget is an important part of being a business owner. Please use the link below to access our budgeting tool and create the budget that works for your personal business.
Social network concept
As a Pack Member, it is highly recommended that you maximize the time you spend marketing your Facebook and Instagram pages. This will help you gain more visibility, credibility, and attract new customers. Listed below are a few ideas of ways to market your business. 
Remember, there are so many ways to engage new customers! Get creative and market your business in the way that works for you!
Marketing your Facebook / Instagram pages:
  • Add and follow as many dog lovers as possible. They usually will thank you with a follow back!
  • Create contest and incentives, perhaps giveaways for tagging from 3 to 5 dog overs and sharing your page.
  • Ask your followers to share your posts or lives. This will increase your reach and in turn your following. 
  • Boost each live video with at least $3. This will increase your reach and customer base. In order to maximize your investment, select specific target audiences such as, dog lovers, gender, age ranges, locations, etc.  
Market your Business:
  • Share the news. Tell all of your co-workers, friends and family about your business venture. Always have business cards with your name, phone number and Facebook, and Instagram information. You never know when you'll come across a potential customer. 
  • Don't be shy. Take opportunities to introduce yourself and show other dog lovers our look book and product line. 
  • Run a table event. Find a local school, church, organizations or events for dog lovers to set up. - Don't forget to get authorization prior to setting up. 
Get your Inventory
***If you have already ordered your starter kit, you may skip to the next step***
Don't forget to start up your inventory and be ready to sell. As an independent sales representative, the success of your business will be based on your commitment to providing your customers with the best experience. Part of this is being able to fulfill your orders right away. 
Box Delivery
A best practice is to base your order on a goal. Multiply the amount of accessories that you want to sell on a weekly basis by two (2). This will give you enough inventory for two weeks. If you surpass your goal, GREAT! That means that you'll need to adjust your goal for the following weeks. 
Another way to easily expand your inventory is to take advantage of our special package deals. This is a great way to save money while keeping enough inventory to satisfy your customer's demands. 
Click on the link below to select your Inventory Kit.
Facebook Lives
Promote Before You Broadcast
Facebook Live allows you to target your personal network, the fans of a business page (if you’re an admin), a group, or an event. If you can’t find a group or event to meet your needs, consider starting one.
It’s important to let your audience know about your upcoming live video with news feed posts. Experiment with images and perhaps even a short video to tell them about the bigger video to come. We highly recommend that you boost your lives as paid Facebook ads.  
Prepare and Practice
Before you broadcast your live video, you need to do some preparation to ensure that viewers will be able to hear you clearly without distraction, follow your future broadcasts, and participate.
Set Up Your Location
Here are some tips for optimizing the location and setup for your live video:
  • Try to minimize background and ambient noise. While users will expect the production quality to be a bit raw and unrehearsed, be sure that they can see and hear you without undue distractions.
  • Decide whether to hold the phone yourself or use some type of mount. You could also delegate the job to someone else. For the live video, you can use either the front- or rear-facing camera.
  • Choose a spot that has a strong broadband connection and has good lighting.
Ideas for Enhancing the Facebook Live Experience for your Viewers:
1. Share a quick rescue story.
2. Encourage your viewers to like your page.
3. Encourage your viewers to ask you how to join your pack.
4. Be as descriptive as possible. Be prepared with visuals and inventory. Perhaps even "un-box" the product!
5. Ask your viewers to comment on your video if interested in one of your items.
6. Use #bellaandlolanyc on your video's description. That way we'll know that you are streaming live and will repost. 
7. Have FUN!
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