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Pipedrive Stage

 No App

"No Application"

​***Applicants that completed the 1st stage of the application 

but did not complete the 2nd step; the actual application.***


The purpose of the call is to congratulate the applicant for

starting the process and to direct them to the email sent with 

instructions on how to complete the application process. 


This call is a great opportunity to enforce the value

proposition of the program as well as the benefits of

becoming a Pack Member. 


"With Application"

***Applicants that completed the application process and were 

sent an approval email but have not completed the onboarding


The purpose of the call is to congratulate, energy and eager the 

approved applicant to complete the on boarding process in 

order to complete the process. Please explain that access to the

system will only be given after completing the process. 

Please refer to the approval email that included the 

link to the onboarding site. In addition, this call is a great

opportunity to enforce the value proposition of the program

as well as the benefits of becoming a Pack Member. 

Intro Call


***Applicants that received the approval email and completed the 

onboarding process. ***

The purpose of the call is to congratulate, energize,

welcome the Pack Member to Bella & Lola NYC, answer any questions, 

and to offer the challenge. 

This call is a great opportunity to enforce the value proposition

of the program, the benefits of becoming a Pack Member,

the importance of being consistent with their Facebook lives

and the need to order their inventory. 


The B&L NYC Challenge

Our Challenge is a great opportunity to help new Pack Members that perhaps need additional help or support during their set up process. Pack Members that have a strong understanding of the process and tasks to complete, should be placed on the "Follow up / No Challenge" Stage. 
Our goal with the "Challenge" is to provide support, coaching and feedback during the "Set Up Process". The "Challenge" has a targeted duration of 3 weeks. During the 3 weeks period, our Pack Members will be receiving tasks and instructions in order to keep them focused while developing engagement and business acumen.  

Week 1

  • Create your FB page

  • Order your Inventory

  • Tell all of your friends

Week 2

  • Facebook Live to announce your new venture.

  • Facebook Live: Unboxing

  • Boost your Unboxing FB Live.

Week 3

  • Provide feedback on the FB Lives

  • Celebrate

  • Recognize 

  • Energize

Follow Up / No Challenge

This stage was designed to place Pack Members who declined the "Challenge" and that committed to completing the "Set Up Process" on their own. 
During the call, remain positive, engaging and motivational. Ask for roadblocks and offer advice and support. If appropriate, offer to join the Challenge and explain the benefits of the 1:1 help. 
If the Pack Member accepts the "Challenge", set the expectation, and use the opportunity to go over the material for the Week 1 call of the "Challenge".

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