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Our Story

Bella & Lola NYC is a Manhattan based company inspired by our two small dogs; Bella and Lola. Bella, immediately stole our hearts upon first meeting her! From the moment we walked in and made eye contact we knew she was the one!  Lola, came into our lives a year later after a spontaneous trip to the local dog adoption center on the Upper East Side.  Unlike Bella’s whirlwind personality, Lola was calm, timid and we just knew she would be a great complement to our hectic Manhattan lives.

Living in a city where inspiration comes from all sources, including what you wear, we realized that the canine industry was in need of a clothing line that would express and showcase our dogs’ personalities through their clothing.


It was then when we decided to create Bella & Lola NYC; the best way to share our love for dogs, New York City, design, fashion and style.  And the best part is that they had as much fun as we did during the creative process. 


Bella  & Lola NYC, more than a clothing line for dogs - it’s a lifestyle. With every collection and accessory that we create, we intend to share our experiences, the excitement and energy of New York City. And give every pup around the world the confidence to own every walk as if they were walking down 5th ave.


At Bella & Lola NYC, we believe in quality, elegance and style. We believe that every dog should enjoy the comfort and luxury of a stylish wardrobe that will be reflective of their personalities and style.


Bella & Lola NYC is a clothing line for dogs inspired by the colors, diversity and fashions of New York City. At Bella & Lola NYC, we create and design collections based on providing our customers with a sophisticated, unique and fashion-forward experience reflective of their dog's personalities.

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